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Relaxation Massage is a great way to spend a little “Me Time” and de-stress!  

Call me at 902-814-2194 to arrange your session today or book online from The Artsy Nerd Holistic Relaxation Facebook Page!

  • Ayurvedic Foot Massage This soothing relaxation massage of the feet and lower legs uses assorted Ayurvedic principles.. Includes a rejuvenating foot soak- 60 Min – $50
  • Energy-ssage-  This relaxing full body massage includes a Dead Sea Mud Mask treatment on the back. 45 min -$45 (With Chakra Clearing- 60 min – $60)
  • Indian Head Massage-  This is a fully clothed massage concentrating on the scalp, face, neck, arms, shoulders and upper back. 30 min $30 (With Oil Treatment-40 min $40)
  • 60 and 30 minute Relaxation Massage- A soothing head to toes massage using Almond Oil and Essential Oils to promote relaxation. 60 min – $50/30 min $30
  • Chakra Clearing Session – This energy cleansing session uses crystals, mantras and guided meditation to re-set the 7 main Chakras. 30 min – $25

Things to know:

  • No additional fees or taxes are applicable to the prices above.
  • While I am certified to practice these massage modalities, I am not a Registered Massage Therapist, therefore, most health insurance plans do not allow coverage for these sessions.

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