Nerdy Bits Protein Bars and Keto Bites

As avid hikers, we found that protein bars were a great thing to throw in our back packs. However, a lot of the protein bars available contain high quantites of sugar, or artificial sweeteners and lists of ingredients that are hard to pronounce. As a hypoglycemic who is allergic to artificial sweeteners, my options were limited.

Nerdy Bits are protein bites made without the use of refined sugar, wheat products or dairy. The protein comes from real food sources and they are packed with flavour.

I’ve worked hard to ensure that all of my recipes produce a product that falls within the recommended ratios for balance between protein (10-35%), carbs (45-65%) and fats (20-35%).

Here is the Nutritional Information for my Nerdy Bits:

Contemplative Chocolate Chia Bites:

Cerebral Cranberry Crunch Nerdy Bits

Thought Provoking Trail Mix Nerdy Bits

Mind Blowing Mint Chocolate Nerdy Bits


Demulcent Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownie Keto Bites

Palladian Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Keto Cookies

(Nutrition Info calculations were prepared by entering the recipe using the My Fitness Pal app.)