A Day At The Office

Last week, I spent a day working at The Schoolhouse Cafe in Sandy Cove. I spread my assorted paperwork, notebooks (can’t have just one notebook 🙂 ) and laptop on a table off to the side, with a gorgeous sunny day view in front of me, and the hum of conversation and community beside me.

Sitting there, sipping my vanilla latte made with almond milk and munching on a fresh baked cinnamon roll, I realized that I have the best ‘office’!

Basically, my office is wherever I find myself working on any given day. I started thinking about where I have been working over the last few months and when it comes to doing admin and computer tasks, I’ve been spoiling myself by putting comfort over practicality. And I love that!!!

I’ve camped out at my kitchen table, curled up on my bed with the TV or my favourite music as background noise, and I’ve sat on my yoga mat, in the middle of my livingroom floor, stopping midway through a task to do some yoga stretches.

I haven’t confined myself to inside spaces either. Over the last few months, I’ve blogged and marketed, emailed and messaged from the beach, on a ridge at the top of a cliff and from the comfort of my zero gravity chair on the front deck of our home.

My ‘storefronts ‘ are unconventional too. I hang out at farmer’s markets, outdoor community building events and even my front porch. I teach yoga at a sweet space a stone’s throw from my home, where I am also offering a monthly coffee house (2nd Friday every month 7 to 9pm) and planning a weekly community get together too.

I love the flexibility and freedom that have come with this journey and I’m excited about exploring all of my various office space options.

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