Hanging It All On The Line

There is nothing I enjoy quite as much as crawling into our bed when it’s been made with a set of sheets which have been dried outside in the fresh air.

In fact, I love hanging out the laundry. I spent the early years of my adulthood with no dryer and it’s become a part of my routine to use Mother Nature’s Dryer whenever possible. I actually felt a bit of clothesline withdrawal this Spring when it rained so much and I couldn’t hang things out.

I’ve also been known to feel disappointed when we have a sunny day and I don’t have any laundry to wash!!

There are lots of good reasons to hang out the clothes:

  • Saves electricity by not using the dryer
  • No static cling
  • Clothes last longer because they aren’t getting heated or tumbled.
  • Less shrinking of fabrics
  • Drying clothes in the sun can help to make whites even whiter, without using bleach.
  • They smell amazing!! No dryer sheet in the world can come close to the smell of outdoor fresh laundry drying.

It’s a low tech love, but I am totally addicted to using the clothesline and taking advantage of these beautiful, sunny days to keep hanging it all on the line.

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