To Blog or Not to Blog

The Free Range Artsy Nerd. 😉

I’d like to begin my first blog by pointing out that I am not a blogger. Yet, anyway. I have been going back and forth in my mind about blogging for about a year. Do I blog? Do I not blog? Could I really put myself out there and unleash my thoughts on the world at large? Would anyone even care what I had to say and does that really matter? What would I even talk about? I love so many things so how would I just pick one? But after all of that thinking, deliberating and pondering, I decided this week that I wanted to have a place to write my varied thoughts and share exciting things that I have been up to, my love of books and creative pursuits as well.

So, today, I technically become a blogger. Decision made. Awesome. But, what do I call it? What summarizes me? Or what I stand for or what I would talk about? It is surprisingly hard to boil yourself down into a few characters. That kind of commitment is intimidating. LOL I thought of about 50 different names and none of them felt like the right thing to call it. So I thought about what words would describe me. I had a few ideas and then inspiration struck. I remembered a conversation with a colleague this afternoon where I told her how much I appreciate the reminders and memos that she sends out.Despite being an organized person who loves all things paper and stationery, my artistic side can be a little wingy and needs that little bit of structure. I jokingly said that I am the artsiest nerd you’d ever meet.

Once I recalled that conversation , it made me realize that The Artsy Nerd is really a perfect description of me. And so, my blog was born! My goal is to have a creative outlet where I can share ideas and thoughts and hobbies. While I will appreciate anyone taking time to comment on any of my posts, I will appreciate it even more if it is done with kindness, respect and no judgement. And the exciting news after all of this rambling is that I finally have an answer to my year-old question and the answer is”to blog”! I can’t wait until my next installment.


  1. Hey, Tanya…I hope you are enjoying writing your blogs. I have given writing a blog some thought in passing myself, then I also wonder why anyone would want to read my ramblings. Then, I think that I would like to write a blog just to keep a sort of journal for myself…Gosh, it’s a biggie! I enjoy your writing. And your honesty! You go, girl!


  2. I have watched you blossom into YOU since I met you some 8 or more years ago, and I’m very proud of you…I always have had a soft spot for nerds and you know I’ve ALWAYS had a soft spot for you !

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