To Blog or Not to Blog

The Free Range Artsy Nerd. 😉

I’d like to begin my first blog by pointing out that I am not a blogger. Yet, anyway. I have been going back and forth in my mind about blogging for about a year. Do I blog? Do I not blog? Could I really put myself out there and unleash my thoughts on the world at large? Would anyone even care what I had to say and does that really matter? What would I even talk about? I love so many things so how would I just pick one? But after all of that thinking, deliberating and pondering, I decided this week that I wanted to have a place to write my varied thoughts and share exciting things that I have been up to, my love of books and creative pursuits as well.

So, today, I technically become a blogger. Decision made. Awesome. But, what do I call it? What summarizes me? Or what I stand for or what I would talk about? It is surprisingly hard to boil yourself down into a few characters. That kind of commitment is intimidating. LOL I thought of about 50 different names and none of them felt like the right thing to call it. So I thought about what words would describe me. I had a few ideas and then inspiration struck. I remembered a conversation with a colleague this afternoon where I told her how much I appreciate the reminders and memos that she sends out.Despite being an organized person who loves all things paper and stationery, my artistic side can be a little wingy and needs that little bit of structure. I jokingly said that I am the artsiest nerd you’d ever meet.

Once I recalled that conversation , it made me realize that The Artsy Nerd is really a perfect description of me. And so, my blog was born! My goal is to have a creative outlet where I can share ideas and thoughts and hobbies. While I will appreciate anyone taking time to comment on any of my posts, I will appreciate it even more if it is done with kindness, respect and no judgement. And the exciting news after all of this rambling is that I finally have an answer to my year-old question and the answer is”to blog”! I can’t wait until my next installment.

Published by The Artsy Nerd

My name is Tanya Dondale and I live in rural Nova Scotia with my best friend and husband, Matt. I am a Holistic Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher. My wellness and coaching business is called The Artsy Nerd Holistic Wellness Company. I am passionate about helping people to feel less stressed and more relaxed, facilitating ways to help my clients have more time with family and make time to do the things that they love.

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